Exchange Rates

About us

  • The Bank has its presence in Hong Kong since 1960.
  • The Bank is one of the leading India based banks operating in Hong Kong.

Business Activities

  • Bank of India offers wide range of banking services to our customers in different time zones.
  • We offer following expert services.
  • Multi Currency deposits at very attractive interest rates with full conversion facility at no extra cost.
  • Twin currency deposit scheme.
  • Well equipped active dealing room.
  • Attractive return on NRI deposits.
  • Fastest and safest remittance facility.
  • Forex trading in all major currencies.
  • Loans and advances at very competitive rates of Interest.
  • Syndication of Loans and correspondent banking.
  • Negotiations, Confirmations of L/Cs and Guarantees.
  • Offer continuous cash counter services between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Hong Kong branch .
  • Tailor made credit products meeting the needs of varied clientele base.